Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best Friend

I am all excited! My best friend since the 7th grade is coming to stay a few days along with her hubby.

When I moved to Drippin', we lost touch. My fault. We had a gym business which consumed my every waking moment. Anyway, my dear friend, Patty, decided she was not going to allow our friendship to be a thing of the past. She spent several years trying to locate me and about two years ago she did! It was if we had never been apart. We shared everything then and now. We talk just about every week for at least an hour, and many times it is going on two. We've been back and forth between Houston and here.

Aren't childhood friends the best?!!

Until next time, God bless.


chicamom85 said...

What a blessing!


Rae said...

That is wonderful. Hope you have a great visit.

Donna said...

Wonderful for you two!!!hughugs

DJan said...

Yes, childhood friends are the best. I was close to my sister, and although we don't talk every week, when we do, it's significant. I really cherish our connection, so I can understand yours! Glad you have the resource of your BFF.

AL said...

Yep, I lost contact with my childhood friends but Im still wanting to see them and have a reunion party. I wonder how they are now.


Daisy Soap Girl said...

That's nice and I'm beginning to cry because I miss my friends from home. It's wonderful how you managed to stay close and can visit each other.

SquirrelQueen said...

Childhood friends are indeed the best but I have lost touch with most of mine.
I think it is wonderful that you and Patty are getting together. Hope you are having a wonderful time and we want to hear all about it.