Saturday, July 18, 2009

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

Mureitta 365 came up with the Straight Out of the Camera Sunday meme. Post your photos on your blog that are perfect straight out of the camera and require no tweaking. Then pop over to Mureitta's site to leave a comment that yours are up, leave your address, and see what others have posted.

The well guys are pulling pipe from the water well looking for a split pipe, we hoped. It was not a split pipe but no water. We had to lower the pump 30 feet; however, we had to get a new pump because the old pump dropped off in pulling the pipe and sits at the bottom of a 400 foot well.

Both water sources were on the blink. The well water fills a small tank for the cattle to drink and the rainwater collection system services the house. The cattle tank was half full, meaning no water was being replaced from the well, and a connection from the rainwater tanks was leaking. Yikes, all those precious drops of water were dripping on the ground.

One of the reasons for having two water sources out here in the country is if one goes down, you can go to the other. In a way that was not available last Sunday. Obviously the well was down, so I drew water into several containers from the rainwater system then cut the water off from the rainwater storage tanks.

Twenty foot well pipe sections.

For those of you that do not know much about Texas, we do things a little different than the rest of the country such as this Texas Eye Chart. :D (Not really, but it is cute, isn't it?)
Have a good Sunday.
Until next time, God bless.


Jan said...

Great post and photos. Love the TX eye chart. Yes, I know Texas is it's own country.

chicamom85 said...

It is cute. Good luck with the water.


The Laughing Idiot said...

Funny eye chart.

I guess I'd fail because I don't recognize several things on it, but then, I'm not from Texas. I obviously need to broaden my horizons :)

Jeanne said...

Very interesting pictures. Having a town water system you take for granted turning that faucet on and having nice clean water pour out. This is a wake up call to be more appreciative of what we have. Hoipe you have it all fixed.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

We take water for granted most of the time. What a shock when something goes wrong! Like the Texas eye chart. ;-)

Lynn said...

Interestingly you should bring up taking water for granted because I lived in Houston most of my life and I cannot remember a time when the water was off except when the plumber turned it off to fix a problem. It has been a transition because if the water goes off out here it can be several days or more before someone can get to you. Also, if the electricity is knocked out, you have no water because the pump is electric.

It only took one time for our water supply to be interrupted for me to not take it for granted. :D As mentioned, I grew up in Houston and took all those urban conveniences for granted: electricity, telephone, water, all of which go off with some regularity. :D

Donna said...

It can get so costly!!! Hope the problem got fixed!
Love the eye chart!hahaa...hughugs

Butterfly Gardener said...

We have our own well and somethings always seems to go wrong on a holiday weekend - when all the stores are closed! Thankfully my husband is very talented and can fix the well and get us back to going.
Love the Texas eye chart. I'm afraid I need to go have one of those test done.

Carletta said...

I was thinking a lot like Donna - costly to say the least. Hope things turn out ok for you.
The eye chart is priceless!

Rambling Woods said...

My sister went to A&M for vet school and stayed another few years. She still refers to animals as 'critters' lol. I remember how hard to was to find water when we had a cabin and that wasn't as vital as what you need. We actually had a guy come out with some sort of stick and walk around to see where the stick might point to water. I can't remember what it was called... Michelle

Lynn said...

Rambling, how funny re your sister and the 'critters.' I like to use colloquialisms such a critters and varmints just for the fun of it. I'll bet your sister does too.

Looking for water with a y-shaped stick or tool is called divining. Did your guy find water? Just for the fun of it I've tried the same method. The stick did nothing; maybe I do not have the touch. lol

SquirrelQueen said...

Love the eye chart, only in Texas.
We've lived where we had a well and it does make me appreciate being on city water even though well water taste much better.

Does that truck say Bee Cave Drilling? I never knew bees lived in caves, lol.

Lynn said...

Yep, SQ, the sign on the truck is Bee Cave Drilling. I never thought about it because there is a Bee Caves township and one of the larger Austin roadways is called Bee Caves.

I'll do a little research to find out the "why" of the name. Did the early settlers find a cave or caves filled with bees? If I find something interesting, I'll do a quick entry. History is kind of a passion with me and love to look that kind of stuff up.

Anonymous said...

How and where can I purchase the official texas eye chart. I have seen one for years in my ophthalmologist's office and now want one for my son.