Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Challenge - Machines

Antique hay rake.


Linda said...

As a life long Texan, now living in Oregon, I enjoyed these pictures.

Lynn said...

Hi y'all. Linda, thanks for dropping by my blog and am so glad you are enjoying the photos.

Oregon is beautiful, I know, but there something comforting when you cross back into Texas even if through a photo. :D

SquirrelQueen said...

Great photos, I love old farm equipment. If we had a bigger place, and weren't inside the city limits, I would have a yard full of such things.
Are you sure you need a new camera? I'm seeing some pretty good looking shots coming out of that camera.


Lynn said...

SQ, my dad found that old rake somewhere and had it sitting in front of his house. Before their place sold, hubby (complaining), myself, and one other pulled that thing over a pasture path to our place which is next door. Now he loves it. lol

About the camera, I may have had the "I wants" and perhaps should get better acquainted with what I have. Thanks for the encouragement.

astrogalaxy said...

Great pictures.This is very unique.
Never seen it before but I am also very interested as how it works.
Curious, may I ask (hope I don't sound silly...), this hay rake... is it to be pull by an animal or human?
Does it cuts out the hay or is it mainly used for storing only?

Lynn said...

Astro, I think a horse or oxen pulled the rake. The rake was used to gather the hay then was tossed onto hay stacks. This is a guess. But now, hay is rolled into huge 800-1200 pound bales, bound with string or a netting, or hay is gathered to make 85 pound square bales and bound with wire. I have both types of baled hay -- I just might do a blog entry with photos in the not too distant future.