Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home on the Range

Today was round-up day for a neighbor's cattle. And let me tell you that Texas is hot and dry. Just before we walked out the door for this chore, I looked at the thermometer which registered 103 degrees in the shade.

Where most people with cattle have a quarter horse, we do not. Our round-up consists of honking the truck horn, dumping a few feeder cubes in a bucket, shaking the bucket so the cubes make noise, and the cattle follow you. I have to admit that I keep looking back to make sure the cows are not too close. In fact, hubby told me that the bull, Pico, got up close behind him and butted hubby with his head. Fortunately, Pico is not a terror of a bull, but Pico is a bull. You have to keep your guard up because one never knows when a bull decides to get frisky and bulls are moody animals. Never completely trust a bull no matter how friendly and gentle it might be.

Then there is always at least one cow that decides she does not want to do what you want her to do. We almost gave up today on one cow. We thought we would have to try again tomorrow. However, hubby refused to give up. Finally, the cow, who has just been named Mary Contrary for the purposes of this blog entry, went through the gate.

Not only did Mary Contrary, above, refused to go through the gate for a time, she refused to a group photo. :D

Group photo of Pico, the bull, and four of his heifer friends safely in their pasture.

After a couple of passes with a kerchief across the brow to wipe off the sweat, we gave a sigh of relief that the deed was done and headed to the house for a cold glass of lemonade.

Until next time, God bless.


Linda said...

Bless you. I can't imagine how you can stand to do that kind of work during a Texas summer.

Be careful.

AL said...

Good job Lynn! I know bulls are one of the most temperamental animals, is it true that bulls really gets annoyed with things which are red in color? Like what the "Matadors" in Spain are doing...they annoy the bulls with red cloth.


Butterfly Gardener said...

There is Always one cow that doesn't want to go into the pen ~ or one that gets out when its not suppose to. Its always a relief when the job is done.

SquirrelQueen said...

I guess there just has to be one that will hold everything up and delay the lemonade.
Great photos, I love the group shot.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Karen M said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your cattle. Kinda of reminds me of my younger days. My family had cattle that "followed" the sound of range cubes in a bucket. I could hear that familiar sound when I read it.

Donna said...

ManOman!!! It was Hot sweetie...and today won't be any different! 104 in the shade!
I think I'd put a bell on Pico!! Wouldn't want him to sneak up on Me!lolol...Glad Hubby wasn't hurt!!hughugs

Rae said...

I've always heard cows are stupid. Obviously not Mary Contrary. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. I don't blame her for not wanting to hang out with a bunch of smelly old cows in this heat. Sounds like a smart gal to me!!

Lynn said...

AL, I'm not sure if it is the red or the movement of a cape that makes a bull charge.

Linda, we had our hats on which offers a little protection against the sun.

Butterfly, something tells me you are no stranger to contrary farm animals. :D

SQ, thanks. I kind of like the group shot too. lol

Lynn said...

Karen, I love those sweet memories of my childhood too.

Donna, you understand that Texas heat! You wouldn't think an animal as large as a cow or bull could sneak up on ya, but they sure can. Hubby said that Pico actually gave him two or three nudges. Hubby picked up the pace.

Rae, I think cows are really stupid; but in my very limited experience with bulls, the bulls are much smarter. I'm a city girl that turned country so I'm not sure how reliable my observations are. lol