Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Give Away's

Prior to discovering blogs, I almost never entered any contest or give away, but these blog give away's are just too easy: leave a comment and your name. I'm becoming addicted to submitting my name. Maybe, some day I'll actually win. lol But, I am wondering if there is a 12-step program for blogging and give away's.

While I did not win the Rare and Beautiful Treasures give away bath makeover consultation from Layla of The Lettered Cottage, I did purchase a consultation. I submitted four photos of the bath plus one of an old stained glass window that I want to use with any makeover. Layla is an extremely talented designer and I just know she will come up with a "WOW" bathroom. She is so in demand that there is a 6 to 9 week wait time.

There is another give away connected with Layla. Hop over to Houzz and leave a comment so you, too, can be an entry. If you haven't come across The Pioneer Woman, visit her blog. She is always giving away something and her blog is a hoot.

These are all the give away's I have found so far; but, hey, I'm pretty new to the blog world. Needless to say, I follow a blog for a few months before I submit my name. I have to trust the giver. :D

Have you found any sites with give away's that you trust to leave your name? If so, care to share? Pleazzzze.

Until next time, God bless.


AL said...

Hi Lynn, nope haven't seen blogs giving such incentive so far. What are they giving away? Anyway gonna check those blogs later.:)
Have a nice day!


musingegret said...

This gal's site is on temporary hiatus while she moves but has great giveaways---scroll thru her past posts!