Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jack or Jenny?

My good friend and neighbor decided in 2007 to give a donkey to her husband for Christmas. She searched the want ads, eBay, and Craig's list, left notes on gates where she saw donkeys in the fields. She finally made her decision to purchase a donkey from a breeder out of San Antonio. Much discussion went on as to whether to get a jack or a jenny; how to get the animal here -- the breeder consented to make delivery; when to have it delivered; and how to keep it a surprise for her husband.

She decided upon a ten-month-old jack and the donkey was delivered a couple of days before Christmas. Her husband named the donkey Gus. There was a lot of excitement about Gus and hubby and I ran across the road to take a look. A few days later, my neighbor's husband came in and said, "If Gus is a jack, I don't see any extra equipment." After much looking and discussion, Gus became Gussie.

A pasture had to be fenced off and Gussie was temporarily pastured in a huge, fenced garden. Let me just say that nothing, absolutely nothing gets past those ears. They would try to slip out of the house to go to work or school without alerting Gussie because they did not have the time to pet her or slip her carrots or apples. Gussie would hear the slightest noise from quite a distance then would neigh, or do what donkey's do, to make them feel guilty for not making a little extra time for her.

Donkeys are herd animals and Gussie got very lonesome. But she was so young, they did not want to bring in another donkey until she was at least two years old. They were talking about getting a jack; however, Tater needed a home. Gussie has a male friend, altered, but male nevertheless.

Hubby and I can hardly stand it; we may have to get one. We have some cows so that takes care of the herd part. Also, donkeys are great protectors. With all the development going on around us, the coyotes are moving our way. We've never lost a calf to a predator but there is always a first time. Donkeys are very smart and have tons of personality. Hmmm, let's see a jenny or a jack, full-sized or miniature, solid or spotted, eBay or Craig's list?

Gussie and Tater did not want us to leave.

And so goes another day on the little ranch in Central Texas. :D

Until next time, God bless.


chicamom85 said...

They are so cute, you make me want one. I don't think my Sasha would approve however. Nice post, you made me smile.


Anonymous said...

What an original gift.
It's a cute one !

Butterfly Gardener said...

Gussie and Tater are adorable!
We have 3 donkeys and a little one on the way! Around here a lot of people will just give donkeys away. One of ours was free and the other cost $25.
We have a jack, jenny, and gelded donkey and they are great about protecting livestock. Good luck with your search!

Donna said...

What Cuties!! I wouldn't care Which it was...It's Precious!!hughugs

Lynn said...

Anne, Sasha is totally darling!

Mama, I agree on the originality of the gift. That is why hubby and I were so excited for them.

Butterfly, I am so jealous! Have you done a blog story on them? If so, please post the address. Free? Free? $25? I wish. lol

Donna said...

How adorable! Goodness, you're going to have a lot more blogging material to discuss, LOL. Good luck with your search and decisions!

Lynn said...

I lean towards getting a miniature and hubby leans towards a full-sized one. lol Typical, isn't it?

Karen M said...

How much fun! My co-worker has goats and a donkey to take care of them. She is always telling about their adventures.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love that last photo, they really want everyone to stay and play for awhile longer.
Too cute.


Lynn said...

It finally occurred to me that Tater's expression in the second picture reminded me of Eddie Murphy's talking donkey character in Shrek. I kept looking at the picture trying to figure out where I had seen such an expression.

What do you think? lol

Brenda said...

Awww they're so cute! I can see how they'd make delightful pets.

SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Lynn,
I have an award for you at my blog.

kate said...

I love your blog! Especially the tea tree oil tip on the side, i keep a vial around for all manner of things, but never thought to use it on my plants! thanks for the tip! looking forward to following you. -kate

Mary-Austin said...

how much fun!! it would be so fun to have a donkey. i'm sure they didn't want you all to leave them!!

Lynn said...

Saturday was the first time I had actually seen Tater up close. He ran to the fence just like a little dog, hmm, maybe I should say big dog. Both were very excited to see us.

In doing a search, I found that donkeys live 25 to 40 years. If we get one, I'd like to do a rescue. The problem might come from the dogs, although the donkey would win any confrontation. But one or both of the dogs could be seriously hurt if the donkey's hooves made contact.

If we did a rescue, I'm sure we could have a trial period in which to possibly train the dogs to keep their distance or possibly make a friend.