Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Forward

Just wondering if you have adjusted to the new hours? It takes me a couple of weeks to adjust to springing forward and the same applies to when we fall back. What about you? How long does it take for you to adjust? Are you in favor of Daylight Savings Time?

While I know we'll have a couple more cold snaps, it will not be too cold, but then winters in Central Texas are not much to write about. We think it is cold if the temperature dips below 30, or maybe 28. Anyway, here are the Central Texas signs that spring is just a few weeks away.

The bright fuchsia of the red bud trees in bloom.

The mountain laurel graces the landscape with its magnificent purple blooms.

The pink blooms on peach trees show up. The peach trees get confused when the weather warms up and begin to bloom while there are a few more cold spells yet to come. With luck it does not freeze and the peach crop is abundant.

Pay no attention in the peach tree photo to that gray, cloudy sky. In your part of the country a gray sky probably means rain or snow is soon to fall, but we've had three gray days in a row and nary a drop of rain. Weathermen and the satellite have predicted a 60 percent chance of rain. Over the past few months we've had a 20 percent chance, a 30 percent chance, a 40 percent chance and no rain. So, I decided quit listening to the Weather Channel and go to the most accurate predictor of rain in this part of Texas: the Texas Sage. If it blooms, we will have rain; if it does not, no rain. Below are the pictures I took this afternoon.
It doesn't look good: no blooms, arrows point to four buds. And to prove it actually has four buds, here is a close-up.
If it ever rains again in our part of Texas and I am still doing a blog, lol, I promise to get a picture of a blooming Texas Sage.

Oh, don't forget. Tell me what you think about the time change. :D

Until next time, God bless.


MilesPerHour said...

I still haven't had my inner clock adjust to it. Hopefully soon...I am tired!

Lynn said...

I hear ya, MPH. I've been walking around tired these past few days. :D

Mary-Austin said...

Did you all get some rain?? Hoping so!!

Lynn said...

Yes! Rain gauge said three inches; a water bucket left out had four inches.

It looks like my Texas sage betrayed me. lol The sage around here had four buds but the sage at Tractor Supply had many blooms before the rains came. I'm going to buy a couple of sages from Tractor Supply if they carry them; if not, I'm finding out which ones to get.

I know the Texas sages predict rain by blooming, at least that is what my mother told me and thought my observations had confirmed! And, mothers are always right, isn't that so?! lol But, I had never made an issue of it or take photos as I did in this blog entry.

Anonymous said...

The spring photos are just lovely. Do you have bluebonnets too? I love those. It's one of my favorite things about Texas.

Lynn said...

I haven't seen any bluebonnets ...we had such a terrible drought which only broke two weeks ago. I am hoping we'll start seeing some soon.