Friday, March 20, 2009

Scrap Glass. . . Throw Nothing Away

I wanted to do some small desk top trays, but with a 14 inch kiln I could not find a tray slump mold small enough to fit on 12 inch, round kiln shelf which is the largest shelf size that will fit in the kiln. I decided to make a slump mold to fit in the kiln. I used a 1/2 inch thick fiber board, cut a 12 inch x 6 inch piece, cut out the inside leaving 1 inch on each side, soaked it in liquid mold hardener, dried, then fired in the kiln to burn out the impurities.

I cut enough 1/4 inch glass strips for two layers, alternated colors to make a pattern, then fused. After the glass was fused, it went back into the klin to be slumped in the mold I made.

I had some scrap glass left and decided that since the above mold had performed so well, I would make two more molds, but this time I would do a bowl.

A saucer was used for the first circle. After the circle was drawn, I cut it out with a craft knife, soaked the form in mold hardener, dried, sanded the inside to smooth the sides, then popped into the kiln for burn out of impurities.

A top from a spaghetti sauce bottle was used for the second cut.

The scraps are layered with some medium size frit in the first circle

The glass is completely fused. The second circle is used to slump the glass into the shape desired.
This is the first bowl which sold at the Christmas fair. However, I liked it so well that I did three more at different heights.
These blend well with both trays and can be used as votives, a small flower vase, or a container for paper clips.

Until next time, God bless.


Mary-Austin said...

Wow!! Those are beautiful!! You are quite talented!!


Crafty Sue said...

You are certainly very talented.