Monday, March 23, 2009

Seven Somthings - Art Award

Daisy Soap Girl,, was kind enough to recommend me for this art award. It is my first award which makes it all the more exciting. I met Daisy online just a few weeks ago and find her to be delightful and a very talented soapmaker. I really enjoy reading her blog because she has an easy and inviting writing style. Although I haven't met her in person, I know that if we lived nearby, I'd love to meet her for lunch or over a coffee.

When you receive the award, you are to list seven things or people you are passionate about, give the award to seven bloggers you feel are worthy, list the person who gave you the award, and place the award logo on your blog.

I am passionate about:

1) Bible studies - I've searched for years to find Bible studies that I can really get excited about and finally it came together. The Bible studies I've attended the past two years have been wonderful.

2) My parents - My dad was my first hero. He passed away in 1995 and my mother passed away in 1997. However, both were wonderful, so giving, so understanding, and supportive. A day does not go by that I do not remember something they said or did or the funny things that happened.

3) My children - Both are grown men and are a delight to be around. They are smart and witty, and while I am not yet a grandmother, I still have hope.

4) Good movies - I love a good movie; one without foul language and a good heartwarming story or one with a good moral principal.

5) My dogs - I just love my dogs, although I am afraid I have a favorite, Luc, the Lab. He is smart, easy going except on certain occasions - like people coming to visit. He almost reads my mind. Maggie, the adopted, pound dog and Luc's lady friend, is sweet but a little needy. She is smart and has assigned herself sentry duties.

6) My hobbies - I fabricate jewelry from silver stock but currently doing some fused glass projects. Glass fusing is fun and interesting, and I want to take some in-depth classes in order to do more complex glass projects. I sew a little when I really want something for the house and cannot find what I want when shopping. And, I scrapbook when the mood strikes.

7) Blogging - This could be called a hobby; however, it is the newest passion. I find it challenging to write on a regular basis along with working with my camera. The camera stayed in the closet for at least two years until I started blogging. I carry the camera with me everywhere just in case I run across something interesting to photograph and then write about it for the blog.

The seven bloggers I think are worthy of this award are:

Astro Galaxy Travel,
GAJLS Beads 'n Such,
Thoughts on Jane Austen and Other Cultural Icons,
Healthy Harvest,
The Tiny Homestead,
Home Sweet Home Inspirations,

plus one more...I maybe cheating but thoroughly enjoy Organized Chaos,

I verified all the links. I hope you enjoy these delightful blogs.

Until next time, God bless.


Anonymous said...

Lynn, I always enjoy reading your blog thoughts. Your list of passions is wonderful. I've never found a Bible study that really fit my needs. Wish I was in your area!

Lynn said...

Thanks, Jean, I see you started posting again. I've missed you.

I have done five studies through one of our Baptist churches, and then I've been in a small, home study group with an ordained chaplain for 16 months. She was a world history teacher in her former life, and she naturally brings in extra historical background into the Bible study.

Mary-Austin said...

Awwww Lynn... thanks! I thoroughly enjoy reading yours as well.... and we're not too far away to meet for coffee some day huh? Love the Bible Studies as well....

Lynn said...

Sure, Mary-Austin, the next time you are in Wimberley, we can do a coffee somewhere. That would be fun.