Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Remedies for Flu, Colds, etc.

We are in the middle of the flu and cold season and I've listed below a couple of home remedies that may be of help in warding off catching a flu or cold from a family member as well as easing some of the symptoms of those that have the flu or cold. I just feel so earthy and smart when I outwit doctors by finding a home remedy that takes care of an illness. :D It's a lot cheaper too, and I am not loading my body up with antibiotics. I'd rather save the use of antibiotics for something really, really serious.

Pure essential oil of Thyme:

Thyme has antiviral, antibiotic, and antiseptic properties: put a few drops in a diffuser, i.e., any container under which a tea light candle can be placed. The ac/heating system circulates the molecules throughout the house, killing germs as it circulates. If you do not have a suitable diffuser, put a few drops in a pan of water on the stove. The molecules will mix with the steam and be circulated. Circulating thyme molecules in the house reduces the well family members' chances in getting the flu or cold.

Pure essential oil of Lavender and Eucalyptus*

Close the shower curtain, draw a hot bath, put about 20 drops each of lavender and eucalyptus in the bath water, soak for 20-30 minutes breathing in the fumes from the essential oils. Believe me, you feel much better for about eight to ten hours.

Vicks Salve

For coughs, rub some Vicks on the soles of your feet, cover with socks; coughs generally stop or at least are diminished.

Lavender and tea tree are the ONLY two pure essential oils that may be placed directly on the skin without diluting. All other pure essential oils are too concentrated and burn the skin. Pure essential oils are found at health food stores, some pharmacies, a Central Market or a Whole Foods. You want to be sure the label says "pure."

*If you are subject to a lot of allergies, you might want to do a test run by reducing the number of drops in the bathwater. And I would not use this remedy on children under 12.


Mary-Austin said...

Hi Lynn - thanks for the great remedies! I'm going to try to the thyme trick to ward off the sickie germs here in the House!!


Lynn said...

You are welcomed. :D The thyme remedy has worked for us and besides the house has a slight but delightful fragrance.

viky shine said...

Great ones here. I never knew there can be so easy things around to fight cold and coughs. Vicks one was easy to do....i will surely try it next time...Thanks

Helene said...

Great tips here Lynn :)I will definitely be trying these as I woke up with a bit of a sore throat this morning. something is definitely going around :)

Lynn said...

Helene, in addition to a bath with the essential oils, you can put the lavender and eucalyptus in a diffuser or in the humidifier water to ease cold and flu symptoms.

Hope you haven't caught a full-fledged cold. :D

Helene said...

Thanks Lynn, will do. I hope not too :