Sunday, November 14, 2010

Working Towards Certification

Today was the big day for those of us in the prep therapy dog training at Stay n Play Pet Ranch to work with Patsy Swendson of Penny's From Heaven Foundation.  We had two hours of lecture and two hours of going through various scenarios that are encountered when working with patients at nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, etc.

Bosley and Becky before going into the meeting.  Sorry, Becky, I cut your head off.  :D  One of these days I'm going to include your face.  lol

Tuxon is his usual laid-back, well-behaved self.  Tuxon is 7 years old and went through Canine Assistance training when he was 18 months old.  He was too hyper to pass the certification test, but his previous training really shows when we are going through our paces.

Ooops.  Luc is in jail.  He was crated during the two hours of lecture because, frankly, I was hoping he would be calmed down enough to perform well in the various scenarios.  He was his usual hyper,  lovable,  kissing self.  We have two more training aids to try in teaching him when to kiss and when NOT to do so.  Even at 5 years old, Luc just gets so excited upon seeing anyone; he can hardly contain himself.  If he does not pass this certification, the only thing to do is to keep training until he does settle down to pass the certification.  The Penny's From Heaven group has very, very high standards.  I am sure the other therapy dog certifying organizations have very high standards, but Penny's is the certification I want for Luc. 

Patsy has been doing therapy dog volunteering and work for 35 years.  With that kind of experience, you listen!

Coffee break.  Check out Mr. Manners, Tuxon, quietly sitting under a table but staring at the pumpkin bread in Darlene's hand.  lol  Charlotte of Stay n Play furnished our lunch, for which we all appreciated, so we could keep working.

We have a lecture/work session next Sunday. I have one week to try to get Luc to understand that kissing is allowed by invitation only.  lol

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

Oh, sorry, Luc! Just because you want to show your affection, too. It WILL get better, you are such a sweet dog it shows all over your face. Love the lab pictures, and I'm so glad you are continuing to work on certification for Luc.

Crafty Sue said...

Keep up the good work Lynn!
I think Luc will give you great satisfaction in the end!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Keep it up, good luck!