Friday, September 4, 2009

The Alamo, San Antonio

Hubby and I made a quick trip to San Antonio yesterday to attend the Tea Party Express tour. If you want to see those photos, go over to Texas on the Pedernales.

I got some nice pictures of the Alamo. I would like to have taken more, but we took Luc with us for a little field trip. He is quite a handful because he goes into over exuberance when seeing anyone and anything.

Isn't this a magnificent oak? Part of the Alamo grounds are behind this wall. Dogs are not allowed on the grounds and we did not go inside since we had Luc with us. I'll have to persuade hubby to make a quick trip back so we can tour the grounds again. It has been some years since we have done that; and besides, I had hoped we would get some really, really good Mexican food. But, alas, decided against finding a patio restaurant because it was heating up and Luc was along. If the truth be known, hubby thinks he is going to melt if he stays outside very long in the heat. lol

On the walk back to the car, I found it odd that this fountain is not filled with water. Could the city have decided to not run water due to the drought? We are still hurting down here for rain.

We stopped to grab some take home lunch when I saw this. I'm guessing it is an old cistern that has been converted into an office because there is what appears to be an air conditioner hidden by a cedar branch box on the left.

And, then there is a window. I would have had to climb over a fence to get a better look and chose not to do so. :D If indeed this is a converted old water cistern, then I would say this is recycling or repurposing at its best.

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

No place is as hot as Texas during a drought. Are you still in one? Looking at your pictures reminded me of how hot it can be in Texas, although Ft. Worth and Dallas are where my family lives. Austin, at least, has a few hills, doesn't it?

Lynn said...

Austin area has hills and though we are about 35 miles from the capital to the southwest, we have a lot of hills.

We got about 4/10's of an inch this evening, but we really need so much more. However, that 4/10's gave us 6 inches in our rainwater collection tanks.

The ground use to be hard; now it is powdery. The top soil blows away; and if we do not get some rain, we are going to look like what it did in the Dust Bowl era.

SquirrelQueen said...

Lynn, the photos are beautiful. That oak is indeed magnificent.

It does look hot. I really hope you start getting some real rain before too long. I read your comment above and we really don't need another Dust Bowl era.

Have a great Labor Day weekend,

Lily said...

Gorgeous pics!

Donna said...

I love the Alamo! On the Riverwalk, there's a restaurant (inside) called LaMargarita...It's really good!

Great photos!hughugs

Rae said...

Great photos. It has certainly been an extra hot summer there. I wonder what winter will bring.

Donna said...

I was there at San Antonio for a business conference a few years back and loved that river walk area. It was surprising how small the Alamo was too! Love the pics of the HUGE oak tree!

Hope you had a great time at the Tea Party Express. Wish one was near us to go to! The route is going through Memphis in our state, which is about 7 hours away.

Lynn said...

Donna, it is amazing that a building so small looms so large in our history. :D

I've read that about a thousand people came out in Addison,Texas --not sure if it was an official stop - and there was between 550-800 people at a "whistle" stop in a rest area near Mt. Vernon, Texas. The Texas Highway Patrol escorted the buses into the rest area.

Annie said...

sorry to hear you are short of water there too...we have just been through an 8 year drought, and it hasn't ended yet in many parts of Australia!
Thanks for your visit to my purple challenge photos!