Saturday, September 5, 2009

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

Do you have a photo that is perfect? Murietta 365 has a meme for just such a photo. Post your photo, pop over to the site, and leave your blog address so we call all see it.

Here are mine:

How would you like to travel a 1,000 plus miles in this as did Dr. Pound and his new wife did in 1853?

Until next time, God bless.


Carletta said...

When I watch old westerns on TV I think I'd like to have been there; but when you look at that wagon you wonder how anyone made it all living in such a small space in the open.
Nice shot!

SquirrelQueen said...

Ouch, over 1,000 miles? Ouch, splinters, bruises and worse. What a honeymoon that must have been. Great photo of the wagon.


AL said...

Do you think it can still make it? But that wagon is so classic, and yes I would like to travel in that wagon on the prairie.


Jeanne said...

Yikes! it's truly amazing what those settlers did. And we complain about driving in rush hour traffic. lol

DJan said...

My backside hurts just thinking about traveling in that wagon. Have a great day, a relaxing Sunday, and I'm hoping it's cooling off for you finally.

Sherrie said...

I think that would have been a very arduous trip! The comforts don't look like they are there. Have a great day!!


Daisy Soap Girl said...

I'm the pioneer type and I love westerns, like Wagon Train, so yes, I would have taken the trip.

Jan said...

What a great post. I'd definitely skip the wagon ride, unless there was no alternative, which I'm sure there wasn't. Glad to be alive, now.

Pagan Sphinx said...

These are fun for SOOC. Old things are always so thought-provoking!

Lynn said...

Daisy, there is something comforting about a good western.

It would be exciting to go across country in a wagon even today but think you would want to do as much walking as riding.

In looking at the photo, I realized this maybe a chuck wagon used in cattle drives since it appears to have kitchen on the back. I am going to ask the next time I am at the Pound House. However, a wagon is a wagon when thinking of traveling. I definitely would want a pillow for the seat. :D

The trip would be arduous but think of what great physical shape you would be in upon arrival at your destination. Sorry, all, but as a retired gym owner, old habits die hard.

Mary-Austin said...

Uh.. I'd never, ever make it!!! Give me my air conditioning, comfortable seats with satellite radio!! :-) oh.. and my mobile internet. Amazing to think about though that people travelled across the country in wagons.

DJan said...

Hi Lynn, nice comment on my latest post. I just wanted to say that my sister took tamoxifen for seven years and also skipped anything that contributed to estrogen production. She's fine now, though.

I don't love fish, I eat it for my heart health.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

This post started a whole evening of conversation at my house last night. Everybody agrees they would have taken the trip.

Lynn said...

DJan, I'm taking a later generation-like tamoxifen. I have 7 1/2 years left, lol, as I count the days. The stuff makes my joints hurt, etc.

Daisy, that is cool. I've some more pics of the compound. however, for some reason I do not have any inside the house, that I can find, that is.

The entire Pound House family story is interesting. There is a chair in one room where patients sat for treatment by Dr. Pound. It gives me the willies.

I plan go over there this week to get some inside photos. I've been asked to be a docent and am waiting on a script to get the finer details in mind.

Lily said...

Hmm... You posted this on my break. Talk about cabin fever! That's some crammed living space.

I'll be sure to post pics of the green pasture. I'll miss the horses on it for awhile. It is the one that is behind the house. It turns and comes around into view from my bedroom doors. (where I take all those great horsey pics) I'll miss watching them run there. It will be late spring before they are on it again.