Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farmer's Market Challenge, Sept. 09

The Road to Here has a monthly Farmer's Market Challenge. Some of us have the most wonderful farmer's market while others (me) are somewhat limited. However, this is the first year for my little town's market and the drought pretty much wiped out many of the small farmers/gardeners. Baring droughts and severe weather, I expect our Farmer's Market to grow and it is to be held until there is nothing left to offer.

There were not very many vendors this time around.

I bought red cabbage, red onions, and some local honey from this vendor. He had the best selection.

Our local soap maker was at the market and I bought a bar of Brown Windsor for hubby.

To check out the markets around the nation and world, go here. But, I have to apologize for posting my photos a day late -- I've been doing some many different projects that I did not make the time to get this up on the correct day.

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

Hi Lynn,

For the first year it is a really nice market, good looking produce. The jalapenos are beautiful, I've only seen a few here. I love to roast those things, yum-ouch!
Your photos are beautiful.

Thanks for taking part in the challenge. I'm going to do one more this season, probably Nov. 7th to get all the harvest festivals and such.


Lily said...

I think I've said before that your town's market looks more like ours than the other ones. Ours is simple, but the veggies are fresh. For us, there's just so many farm stands, that we don't go to the market.

...and better late than never! It's still the weekend. Have a great one.

chicamom85 said...

I love farmers markets. That looks very nice. The veggies look great.