Monday, August 31, 2009

Bathroom Update, Part I

First off, let me say it is a beautiful morning here because the temperature is a cool 73 degrees. Fall is in the air! I had forgotten just how cool 73 degrees could be. Now, if we only get some rain, then it would be perfect.

Our house was built in 1984. I tore down the wallpaper, textured and painted the walls, replaced the original flooring with tile, replaced the vanity top with Silestone, a vessel sink, and the original faucets with one of brushed nickel. I've been at a stand still since last September. Did I want to repaint this bathroom a red or some other dark color? This bathroom is small, so would it be too dark and close? I made a shower curtain, topped it with a beaded trim valance. It did not work. The bathroom remained blah. Out of desperation, I contacted Layla of The Lettered Cottage, sent her some photos and asked what did she suggest.

As the shows on HGTV do, here is Layla's basic redo suggestion. The red ties to an old leaded glass window hanging in the bathroom window and the brown ties to the mesquite framing around a mirror from my mother's house. The walls can either remain a Swiss Coffee color or be painted white. I'm leaving the walls to last since I hope I will like the existing Swiss Coffee color; but, if not, the walls will be redone in a white: one step at a time around here, live with it for a while to see if I like it.

I spent hours online trying to find some brown trim. There is not much out there in brown. However, I stopped by a really cool shop here in Dripping Springs, Cowgirls & Lace, and found this wonderful trim. It was the only solid brown trim in the shop, and it was the last on a roll. I needed 6 2/3 yards; the roll had 6 3/4 yards. Is that luck or not?!

The trim is basted on the shower curtain for the time being. I haven't decided whether or not to use fabric glue or the sewing machine. Since the curtain is to be in the bathroom, I'll probably use the machine to attach the trim.

I did not get the matching Sileston back splash because I want to do fused glass tiles. Pay no attention to the color, but I have been working on a 4 x 6 tile design. It is a matter of will I be able to do in glass what I can design on the computer? BTW, those switch plates have got to go. :D

This is the plain Jane vanity cabinet. I'm going to add some legs at the bottom to give the illusion it is a piece of furniture, paint it, and add new handles.

This is the cabinet over the commode. The redo photo shows the door off. I can tell you that there is going to be some big time reorganizing for me to remove the door. :D Every inch of cabinet space is spoken for in this house.

I picked up some paint samples at Home Depot the other day. Behr Paints has a Premium Plus which is a combination primer and paint. The samples come in a flat gloss; but, of course, the paint comes in eggshell, satin, and high gloss. I'm thinking I will do the middle color in a satin gloss because if I do not like it, I can easily go darker.

I had company when taking the photos last night. Nasty little creature, isn't it? I promptly picked up my weapon, the fire place shovel, brushed him to the floor, and dispatched him. You don't want to smash them on the wall; you can never completely get rid of the remains. lol

Today, I'm going to permanently attached the brown trim to the shower curtain, sand the cabinets, tape the wall around the cabinets, remove the cabinet door, fill the hinge holes, and possibly start painting. However, you know what is totally neat about being retired? What isn't done today can easily be done tomorrow or the next day or the day after.

Until next time, God bless.


Lily said...

I do like the trim. One of these days I'll have to share my bathroom make-overs.

I love grabbing the paint brush! Can't wait to see your finished bath!

Rae said...

Sounds like a lot of work but so nice when it is done. I think the fused glass tiles will be wonderful. I am anxious to see the finished project.

AL said...

I agree with you Lynn, retirees got a lot of time working on things they haven't done when they're still working for the reason that they are so glued to their work.

If you have a small bathroom I suggest to paint it with light color like mocha if you are familiar with it, so it will look spacious and the color of the brown trim in your bathroom curtain will be more attractive.


Lynn said...

Thanks, AL, for the suggestion. I'll definitely keep that color in mind if I do the walls.

steph the plumber said...

i would paint this a light colour so it makes it look more airy.

This looks like a great bathroom build.

Good luck!

DJan said...

Okay, enlighten me: is the first picture supposed to be the "blah" bathroom? I think it is beautiful, so what do I know? The pictures are so perfect. I am still not sure but please show me how you are "fixing" up this room. I wouldn't put a dark color on the walls, that is all I know for sure.

Lynn said...

DJan, the first photo is Layla's suggested redo. I'm sorry I did not make that clear; probably should have posted the current look and then Layla's.

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm glad you found the brown trim, the shower curtain is going to look really nice. I like the idea of matching the trim with the frame of your mother's mirror.

The design that Layla sent you has given me some ideas for my guest bathroom. I plan to get rid of the wallpaper (icky stuff) and paint the walls a very pale pearl gray. The dark gray she shows on the cabinet will be perfect for my cabinet.

Hope you had a fun productive day today. I can hardly wait for part II.


Denise said...

Our bathrooms badly need a make-over. Our house is about the same age as yours give or take a year. You've inspired me by these pictures. Looking forward to more updates.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

I think the bathroom is going to come out great. I'm looking forward to the finished project. Oh, I would have been so terrified to even go back into the room after encountering that creature.