Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Shade Project Part III

When doing a project, I look for easier ways to do something. Since a second shade was needed, I discovered a tip: drill a hole in the 1 x 2 before covering it. You then can make a hole in the material with a pair of scissors and enlarge with a screw driver before pushing the screw in. It is easier and the hole placement is more accurate.

Prior to covering the 1 x 2 shade mounting board.

The finished product from an angle. I am considering moving the two ties out to the side and adding a third tie. I like this look, though. But, adding a third tie is something to consider.

Full frontal view. I couldn't believe how much a difference this lined shade would make in the utility room temperature. I had a sheer pleated shade on this window ever since we moved into this house 25 years ago. This is a northwest window and the new shade lowers the temperature at least five degrees, possibly more. Needless to say with electricity costs rising there will be a savings, small, but a savings nevertheless, both in heating and cooling.

The first shade for the utility room door.

The next project is the bathroom makeover. I found the perfect brown decorative trim for the shower curtain. I needed 6 2/3 yards and the roll had 6 3/4 yards. Talk about luck! I also have samples of paint for the bathroom cabinets. I plan to start this project sometime this week or the first of next week.

Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

I went back and read parts I and II, what a great project. I love the final results, those are beautiful shades. Isn't it amazing how much a shade can lower the temperature in a room.

I can't wait to see your bathroom renovation as I'm hoping it will inspire me to finally tackle our guest bathroom.


Lynn said...

I've been dragging my feet on painting the cabinets. The redo has the inside cabinets painted. Been there and done that and am finding other things to do like utility room shades.

Then I still have to do a back splash and cannot settle on a design for the glass. I really have designed the glass tiles but cannot figure out how to accomplish the design in fused glass. lol So, I'll probably come up with a different one.

Lily said...

It will probably look good with three ties, but I like it the way it is. It looks unique with the fan-down corners. I'm sure that on a bright day, the lined blind will make the utility room easier on the eyes too. Nice job.

AL said...

Neat! Two ties looks okay, but if you still wanted to add another one, up to you. Looking forward to your bathroom makeover.


JamaGenie said...

That window must be more west than north, but congrats on lowering the temp after 25 years! ;D