Sunday, August 2, 2009

Made in Texas

Since Luc was this high, he has had a very sensitive stomach, i.e., throws up on somewhat of a regular basis. I do not know just how many times I've taken him to the vet for this problem. He would prescribe, the condition would get better, then it would return. In an Internet search I ran across I figured what did I have to lose and ordered Ox-E Drops, Antioxidant Treats, and Nzymes Granules. There have been minor flare-ups but for the most part Luc stomach problems have been minimized as long as I kept him on an Nzymes regimen until recently.

In the July 27th blog entry, I listed the problems Luc has had with his stomach, part of which was caused by a bacteria and required antibiotics. Yet, while one thing was clearing up, Luc started throwing up twice a day. The vet gave Luc food for super sensitive stomachs and Pecid which seems to have cleared the throwing up problem. The Nzymes did not do the trick this time. In addition, I've never really trusted the various dog food companies since the recall of a year or so ago. This latest round of stomach problems sent me to research making dog food in my kitchen. I've been thinking about this for some time but have resisted because I do not particularly like to cook. All in all, though, it was not hard nor too much trouble.

Before the recipe, here are a few reasons why Luc is such a joy and so lovable.

A stolen pillow.

Another stolen pillow.

Resting head on a stolen pillow while lounging on our bed.
He is telling me it is time to go outside for play.

Here is the recipe.

Put two cups uncooked, brown rice in a crock pot with the required chicken broth, sliced broccoli stalks, and chopped potatoes. You can add some oatmeal if you want.

Add about one-fourth bag of mixed veggies without onions to the rice mixture . Depending on how Luc responds, I may add more or less.

Frozen veggies with rice in the crock pot.

Boiled chicken cooling in microwave. Unseasoned broth from boiling the chicken was used to cook rice, potatoes and veggies.

De-bone and chop up the whole chicken. You can use turkey, lamb, hamburger, even fish if you can stand the smell.

Used Pam to spray two old baking pans, glopped in the mixture, placed in freezer for about an hour, divided into eight servings, placed in freezer baggies. Saved out about three days worth of the mixture for the fridge and froze the rest.

It will take some experimenting to determine just how much to feed him so he will not gain weight. I'll also mix with a dry dog food; and if tolerated, I will add a dollop of yogurt once a day. Since Luc has had so much trouble lately, I'll slowly add the "Made in Texas" food to what he is now eating; however, ultimately I plan to do 1-2 cups of the sensitive stomach dog food and about 2 cups of the "Made in Texas" dog food. If this goes well, doggie treats are next. Dr. Paul, the vet, says the treats are filled with sugar. Carrots, apples, and fresh green beans are good treats for dogs; Luc loves them, Maggie spits them out.

BTW, hubby was eying this concoction. I had to slap his hands and usher him out of the kitchen. lol

Until next time, God bless.


MzzLily said...

We have problems with Sadies' weight. We had gallons and gallons of green beans. She snubs her nose at them! She does like frozen pumpkin cubes.

I don't know if I'm up to cooking enough to feed her! The sensitive stomach food agrees with her fine.

Good luck with Luc...

AL said...

Hi Lynn,
I really appreciate the recipe you've shared. I got a 3 month old lab, and I am thinking of nutritious food especially veggies other than the dry food. Sometimes they got rid of eating too much dry food so I have now an alternative for it. Thank you, I'll try the recipe. We have plenty of rice here.


Lynn said...

Lily, freezing pumpkin into cubes sounds good. Do you add anything or just put straight pumpkin into the freezer?

AL, I divide Luc's daily rations a into 3 small meals; the vet recommends 2 meals but I do 3 since he has had so much stomach trouble. Also, I never have onions in anything he eats. Onions are said to be very harmful to dogs.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Hey Lynn,
I don't blame hubby because Luc's food is looking kinda tasty. I hope he feels better.

Donna said...

Goodness girl...he's Beautiful!!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog from your posting to Rae on WeatherVane. My husband and I are from Wichita Falls and now (sadly) live in Seattle. *MISS the South!!!* Thank you for your posted pics...did I say we miss Texas?! :)

I am also responding to this particular blog about at all natural pup diet. My sheltie has had probs with seizures almost her whole life (she's 13 now). I put her and my doxie on a raw food diet about 10mos ago: carrots, spinach, beans, corn, peas, celery, red/yellow/orange bell peppers, oranges, apples, berries (all types), potatoes, kale, garlic, molasses, olive oil, and raw (uncooked) meats. I give them chicken hearts, livers, and gizzards and occasional treats. Oh, and the occasional raw egg, too. They have never been healthier!! Dogs cannot digest the raw plants as we do, so I put 5 or 6 of the above veggie and fruits combined in the food processor and store it in the fridge. I make 3 huge batches, and that lasts for both of them about 10-12 days. When I feed them in the morning, I cut up raw meat and toss on the top of the veg/fuit concoction. (Go to your local grocery butcher and get the scraps that they usually toss for pennies on the pound!) Since I've done this, my sheltie has not had a seizure and the vet says both are in top quality shape and condition! I googled my info as the BARF diet and the RAW diet.

Gonna sub to your blogs cause I know I can get my homesick cravings appeased! :) Thank you and sorry so long!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! Forgot that giving a tbsn of pure pumpkin ea day (not pumpkin pie filling) will help aid dog digestion! Cheers!

Lynn said...

Welcome, Dream Chaser. My DIL does the raw food diet; however, I never knew it could be as extensive as you describe. When this first batch and the special dog food is gone, I'm going to try what you have posted. Also, never thought to put it in the blender which makes sense to me.

Thank you so much! Look forward to reading more comments from you.

Butterfly Gardener said...

Our Suzy has had an occasional round of stomach trouble. I thought we were going to lose her in the spring, but we made our own "Made in Texas" concoction with rice, turkey, & I don't remember what else and she started eating again and regained some strength. Thankfully, she hasn't had any more trouble since then. I'll have to keep your recipe in mind in case any of our dogs need a special diet.