Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pets & Their Allergies

I've got to write about this company because its products have helped Luc tremendously.  When I run across something that solves a worrisome problem, I like to share it with the world.  :D

A little background:  Luc has had stomach problems ever since I got him at 6 weeks old.  He threw up quite a bit no matter what dog food he was on.  His coat was very dull and tarter collected on his teeth at an alarming rate when compared to Maggie.  One of his litter mates died before he was a year old of a twisted stomach.  After several rounds to the vet and mucho dollars, I did a net search and found Nzymes.   While whatever the vet prescribed seemed to help for a time, Luc would start throwing up again and I kept noticing how dull his coat was.  I kept a pretty close watch on him and knew he was not getting into something that would upset his stomach.  I thought what the heck, these products couldn't do any worse than the prescribed ones from the vet. 

First I read the testimonials.  Then, I called Nzymes to discuss what products I should order and ordered what they recommended.  It cost less than a trip to the vet.  As long as Luc stays on the Ox-e-drops, the Antioxidant treats, and the probotics, Luc throws up rarely and his coat shines. Probotics alone does not do the trick -- I've tried.  When I don't stay with the Nzymes, he throws up regularly and his coat gets dull.  The sheen in his coat was a real surprise.  I hadn't expected it.

He was off the treats and Ox-e-drops for about 6 months when I reordered a month or six weeks ago.  It is amazing -- he is back to rarely throwing up and the shine in his coat is really coming back.  I'd forgotten just how glistening his coat becomes when on this Nzymes regimen.

Look how his face and ears shine.

You can see how healthy his coat is.  No doubt Luc's coat health is an indication of his overall health and he very rarely throws up.  Now I do have him on a prescription dog food, but he started throwing up again after about 6 months of being on the food which is why I reordered from Nzymes.

Now why am I writing about this?  Because most of us have pets and many pets have some kind of allergy or allergies.  Thought you might wants to investigate a product that might help.  In addition, I can vouch that the testimonies are real because the company called to ask for before and after pictures along with whatever my experience was with their product.  Since Luc's problem was his stomach, I didn't think there could be much for a before and after; however, I probably should have taken them up on it except I do not have a before photo targeting his coat. 

Anyway, if your pet has health problems, check out Nzymes.  Read the testimonies.  Call them to explain the problems.  They really want to help. 

Until next time, God bless.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Well, I'm a firm believer of using products that help our pets.

I like to share them too.

Glad you luved Luc so much that you did your own investigation and came up with a solution to his problems.

SquirrelQueen said...

I too am a believer in specialized products for pets. The vet prescribed a dry food for my cat that helps her digestion and keeps her teeth in better condition. I still research before giving her anything.