Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Ready for the Big Test

Luc and I went to Stay N Play Pet Ranch to hang out for an hour or so yesterday.  The purpose was to aid in getting Luc to sit quietly when someone approaches, to be calm when a dog enters the room, and to leave him with someone for 3 minutes while I disappear from his sight.  The object is that he remains calm and doesn't whine or act up when I leave.  He passed that one with flying colors! 

He did not do so well on a person approaching; he can barely sit still he is so excited.  And, he did not do very well when a dog entered the room. He is beside himself to investigate; although if there is 10 to 15 feet between them, he will remain in a seated position with much prompting.    All I can say is that Luc is definitely a people and dog dog which upon seeing either stirs him into an almost uncontrollable desire to greet and investigate.  I walked him around the grounds for about 20 minutes prior to going into the office but he could hardly contain himself.

In preparation for tomorrow's test by a Canine Good Citizen certified trainer from another kennel, Luc got a bath today (and Maggie too).  I want Luc to look his best and over the past several days I've used a Dremel with a sander bit to trim his nails.  You no doubt have seen Pedi Paws advertised on TV, but a Dremel works just as well, if not better -- you can change the sander and recharge it instead of replacing batteries.  Pedi Paws runs on batteries, at least the model I saw.  I do not use the nail clippers for fear of cutting too close.  If you haven't used a Pedi Paws or a Dremel with a sander bit, here is a little tip:  Don't leave the sander on the nail but for just a second, pause, then repeat 4 or 5 times.  If the sander is left on the nail too long, the nail heats up for sanding creates heat.     

 I'm considering going back to the kennel in the morning to see if we can get his over exuberance for any and all things under control because I'm not sure he'll pass the test.   However, if he doesn't, there is more training to be done, and he can take it again and again until he does pass. lol   If we have to do another 6-week session, then we'll do it.  Again, wish me luck tomorrow evening.

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

Oh yes, I am wishing both you and Luc lots of luck. He is such a precious dog, I know you will succeed, if not this time, then the next one. But the sooner the better, huh, Lynn? Someone needs him now!

Crafty Sue said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post. It was a long time since the last time I visited your blog, I have so many blog friends I sometimes forget somebody, sorry!
Luc is a soooo cute!
Good Luck for the test!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Good luck!!!!

LOL...my dog Country has no problem igging dogs and people. She couldn't care less. But, just anybody can't walk up to her and pet her either. She has shown her teeth on more than one occasion......

AL said...

That's exactly what I wanted for Oreo, to be patient and I'm trying to train him to remain calm and patient when someone's knocking. Whew...I am glad Luc is doing fine with his lessons...as far as I can see, looks like Luc has learned a lot, he looks calm and enjoying what he is doing.