Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Need A Tiller That Works?

I have been trying to get this Mantis tiller running for 2 weeks.  The tiller has never been easy to start; and after starting, it was no easy feat to keep it running.  Even after a trip to the repair shop last year, it was not much better.  It would run for a few minutes then die.  I did not want to buy another tiller because I knew this Mantis had not been used very much.  I searched the Internet for answers to solve this problem and tried everything suggested.  I called Mantis yesterday and was told to take back to the repair shop or send the motor into Mantis.  Well, I'd had it.

I researched tillers and decided to get the Honda FG110.  I do not need a big tiller and this one suits me just fine.  If there is a big space to be tilled, I suggest renting a big tiller because while this size can probably do the job, it would take hours and hours. 

I told the cashier at Home Depot that this thing had better start after my putting it together or it was coming back pronto.  She told me it was assembled and the only thing I had to do was unfold the handles, tighten the screws, and get busy - I had not read the side of the box where it says "no assembly."  Nevertheless,  I couldn't believe my luck! 

It has a 4-cycle engine, i.e., no mixing of gas and oil.  I poured oil and gas in as directed, and this tiller started on the first pull!  Yes, it is going to take me some time to till down about 8 or 10 inches, but it is a powerhouse.  This 4 x 8-10 foot bed is where the asparagus are to be transplanted.

The Honda weighs about 30 pounds and is perfect for a woman to operate.  I have several more small beds  planned and having a machine that works makes gardening a sheer pleasure.  This probably sounds like an advertisement for Honda, but if you are looking for a tiller, check out the Honda.  Happy days are here again. 

Until next time, God bless.


Janice said...

Good for you! We have a big tiller that my husband operates. I'm always afraid it will get away from me. But then that leaves me waiting on him to till the garden. I've thought about getting me a small tiller that I can use whenever I want to, but have never wanted to fork over the money. I really need to start prodding him to get the tiller out;)

The Japanese Redneck said...

Kool. I luv my tools and I think it's great when ladies have their own gadgets.

Ann said...

Hey at least the Honda is going to get the job done a lot faster than the old tiller...lol
Congrats on the purchase and for easier gardening days ahead :)

Donna said...

The Mantis brand is trash. I'm not surprised you had trouble with it. We used a Troybuilt tiller for over 25 years. It was wonderful! Your Honda brand makes really good engines, so you should be all set.