Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homestead Happenings

Let me introduce the newest addition to our homestead.  At this juncture we are not sure of the gender, but it was born about a week ago.  Its mother hid it out for about five or six days.  The mother usually brought her calves up within a day or two; and so when we did not see this calf by Sunday, we became concerned that something was wrong.  It is not uncommon for range cows to hide their calves for up to a week except that this particular mother never had done so in the past.   Both hubby and I walked the acreage several days in a row in an effort to find the calf but were unsuccessful.  We were quite relieved to see this newborn following its mother yesterday morning. 

On another front, the spinach survived the extreme cold spell a few weeks back and is doing well.  The strawberries did not survive.  Drat!  It is suppose to be too late for planting strawberries in our zone, but if I find some healthy plants, I'll probably give it a try.

Ooops, something decided to snack on this particular spinach plant.  Wouldn't you know it, but I unloaded the wildlife camera  which is trained on the spinach and did not reload the camera.  The broccoli was untouched. 

Maggie tried to tell us something was amiss.  She kept wanting out during the night.  After the third time of getting up to let her out, I decided she could stay out the rest of the night.  I did not wait up for her to scratch at the door to get back in and went back to sleep.  However, her barking woke up hubby, i.e., shift change.  He tried to ignore her barking for over an hour before deciding to get up to call her to get in the house. 

I'm a day late and a dollar short but the wildlife camera was in operation last night.  There were no visitors.
I'm beginning to think the critters watch me from afar and know when the camera is not operational.  lol
It's a critter conspiracy.  Got to go now, the tiller is calling to me.

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

Oh, I'm SURE it's a critter conspiracy! :-) Did you ever see that Far Side cartoon that had cows munching away contentedly and one sticks his head up and says, "they're gone!" And then the get up on their hind legs and chat with coffee cups until someone says, "Car!" and they all fall back down looking like regular cows again.

Rae said...

The spinach looks good. It would be nice in a spinach salad. Your new addition is cute. I bet momma won't let you near "it" yet though.

Ann said...

well those darn critters. first they chow on your spinach and then they hide from your camera :)
That's sure a cute calf.