Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Square Foot Gardening Designs & Other Ideas

Square foot gardening is gaining in popularity with each passing year.  Here are some examples that I found at The Natural Gardener in Austin, Texas, which may give you some ideas for your garden.

This is a kit which looks to be quick and easy to assemble.

Use whatever is at hand -- string for markers, some old wood, and pvc pipe fitted over rebar stakes for supporting a garden fabric to protect plants from cold or heat, insects and birds.

Recycled wire is used for this one.

I have no idea what the original structure was use for, but this little garden is one of my favorites.  I'm always amazed when someone takes something old and turns it into something useful and attractive.

While this is not square foot gardening per se, I like these individual beds and plan to use this type of set up in my big garden.  Last year I did 20' rows with about 30" of walkway in between.  This year I plan to make each garden space 4' wide by varing lenghts of 6-8-10-12 feet bordered with whatever is readily available be it wood, rock, flexible plastic or metal edging material.

The Natural Gardener used pine needles instead of crushed granite for weed control between the beds.  While I did not pull back the pine needles, I suspect a weed control fabric was laid on the ground first with pine needles placed on top.

This bench is unique and a great addition to a garden.

All these examples look so easy; but let's face it, gardening is hard work.  :D  I keep thinking calories are being burned.


Rae said...

Looks like a nice way to garden. I like that old bench- it is very creative.

AL said...

Oh wow, I like the recycled old bench, very classic Lynn! Umm I'm thinking of putting up a small veggie garden in the backyard and I think you gave a nice idea. Thanks Lynn.

Reeni said...

I can't wait to start gardening again! It's one of the things I love about summer. We put down straw or hay to help keep the weeds at bay.

Janice said...

I plant in sections now instead of long rows. It allows me to grow a larger variety in a smaller space.
I LOVE that bench! I may have to make one for our yard!

Lynn said...

Janice, while I haven't put a pencil to it, sectioning off the spaces does make for a larger planting space, i.e., less ground for walkways.

Also, I'm thinking sectioning will help me organize what to plant and how much. I'm new to gardening and kind of willy nilly in planting. lol