Friday, February 18, 2011

Brenda's Photo Challenge


Red is today's theme for Brenda's Photo Challenge.  I asked myself where I could find plenty of red in one place and the answer was The Natural Gardner in Austin, Texas.

Radio Flyers waiting for customers.

Hardy geraniums are always popular.

Metal flowers never die.

A bright, red lawn chair is always a welcomed addition.

A red water fountain brings serenity to any backyard and the birds love it too.

Once I started taking photos of red objects I couldn't stop.  There are more and surely I can find a way to work them into the blog.  :D

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Until next time, God bless.


Donna said...

LOVE THESE!!! But like Me, you're a week early!!Hahahaaa.....
But everyone will find them anyway!!
Happy weekend!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Those are all good ones for Red.

Brenda said...

Those are all wonderful but my favorite is the red wagon! Love it!

Rae said...

Gorgeous- all of them. I enjoyed each and every one of your photos. You had great choices for a red post.

Crafty Sue said...

Great RED pics!
I am tempted to take part in this challenge too.
Happy weekend!

AL said...

Ah yes the Brenda Photo Challenge I shouldn't miss this one. By the way the Radio Flyer is one of my favorite stroller when I was a kid!

Janice said...

Love all of your red pics. That is a cool water fountain!
I thought the challenge was this week as well and was worried because I hadn't prepared a post and then realized late this afternoon that I still have another week!

Ann said...

Glad you're early with this, since I totally forgot. Now I'll have a week to
Love all the red you found and I want one of those red chairs :)

Donna said...

I don't mind that you are early! LOL, this is great inspiration! Love those red radio flyers. We visited the factory when we visited Wisconsin years and years ago. We couldn't resist buying a couple of their wooden wagons. And I would adore that water fountain. Thanks for brightening up my day!

SquirrelQueen said...

You found some fantastic reds Lynn, I love those wagons and the metal flower. Aren't garden centers the best for almost anything we need?

I have to admit my heart skipped a beat when I saw your post title, I thought I had missed the challenge again.