Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Luc on Therapy Dog Training

Since I got away with posting yesterday and Mom is out doing the elliptical machine at the moment, I decided to do another post on this "therapy dog" training business.  Like I don't even know what it really means.  I do know I have to behave the entire hour+ while training.  Behaving means not kissing everyone in sight, not meeting and greeting other dogs, sitting for what seems like days but heard something about 1 minute, being in a down-stay position for 3 minutes, and there's new training equipment. 

This is called a gentle leader.  A leash attaches to the little ring hanging down, and where my nose goes, I go. This torture item restricts my over exhuberance greatly.  And, believe me, I know when it is on. It took less than 30 seconds to decide I hated it.  No more rushing over to greet another dog or person.  Sometimes when Mom is not watching, I use my dew claws to get it off.  Then I can go about my natural instincts to tear off, pulling Mom, to investigate any new smell, greet a canine friend or a new person, or old.  I'm not particular.  I love everyone.  Last Saturday, however, something strange happened; a squirt of water came out of nowhere.

I noticed this green bottle in the possession of Tuxon's mom.  I'm beginning to think she gave it to my mom because Mom was walking a little straighter, like empowered, and with more confidence at the training park as well as at Tractor Supply.  We stopped at Tractor's Supply for something on the way home Saturday from training; and as we were leaving, I spotted two of the most interesting black dogs.  Just as I started pulling towards them to introduce myself a small stream of water from out of nowhere hit my nose. Naturally, I jumped back and proceeded to ignore the black dogs as we were leaving the store.  I mean, how would you feel if some water hit you in the face when you wanted to make new friends?  I'm going to sniff around the new pack that holds my stuff to see if I can find a green spray bottle.  If found, I'll chew a few holes in it.


The bag is neat.  It has lots of pockets for treats, paperwork on various vaccinations and shots, clicker, water bowl, water, my toys, Mom's camera, wheels, a retractable handle, -- it holds just about anything that might be required for me.

I do have a small gripe which I've pretty much kept to myself. I like to mark terrority at the training park. Laura, the trainer, must have eyes in back of her head. She catches me just about everytime and scolds both me and Mom. Mom tries to keep me moving when we are inside the training area, but I'm quick to mark a spot. Well, as of the last week or so, Mom has to mark my "mark" with pink flags so the area can be sprayed with some solution. I mean, really, a pink flag! How humiliating to any red-blooded, handsome, male Labrador Retriever!

Mom will be coming back in soon so I'd better say my goodbyes; so until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

That bag is really neat, it looks like it holds everything you need for a day out. Of course that means the green water bottle too, sorry about that Luc!

DJan said...

It's so good to have your take on this training business, Luc, but trust me, it's for the best, because you will be literally saving lives! You are so beautiful and curious, I know it's hard, but it's worth it.

EG Wow said...

Oh dear, training can be difficult. But you'll be a much happier dog if you learn fast!

The Japanese Redneck said...

We don't even have to put water in the squirt bottle for the cats any more.

Just act like you're holding one and go "sssshh" "sssshh" and they run for the hills.

Ann said...

Hi Lynn,

Came Via Japanese Redneck to share these stories with you.

should not accuse the Cat, dogs do take too.

I have two stories, one was looong ago. Mum had twins, a boy and a girl. For their birthday, mum made two cakes, and she used a thin layer of water icing before she put on the royal icing. Because we were in the tropics, the icing sweated,
Mum's idea was to dry them in the sun.

Can't remember if she asked one of us older kids to keep an eye, that wasn't important.

Next thing, when Mum went to check, Dog had bitten a big hole at the side of Boy Twin's cake.

Mum was angry with Dog, and Child who was on duty.

We told her, just use one cake for both. But mum won't hear of it.

On the birthday, she produced two beautiful cakes. She quietly told the Older Child when she was cutting to serve the cake to make sure not to cut the section where she had "cemented" with a big lump of royal icing. Mum is really smart.

I have another story too which I posted in my cake stories.

The other story, is about last month. My friends had twin dogs, we were having a pot luck dinner. They bought an apple cake and left on the table. The Twin Dogs had eaten the to part of it.

They bought another, and don't know why, the baker had spread icing on it. ( Not usually doe.) Friends joked," Are you sure you didn't ice the dog eaten cake?"

I told them my mum's dog eaten cake. LOL

Donna said...

Hi Lynn! Looking for the Brenda Photo Challenge photo...no problem if you forgot!
Happy weekend!

Janice said...

Soo sorry about that green spray bottle Luc...my dogs don't like the green fly swatter. I think I might need that gentle leader...We got one dog that likes to pull me around!
Good Luck with your continued training!

Donna said...

You DO NOT WORRY about not doing the Challenge Little Girl!!!
We ALL get busy and the Challenge is about having FUN!!!
If you can't do it...so What?!!!!Hahahaaa.....YOU just don't over DO things!! REST!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Too funny!

m ^..^