Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Part II

I did not take as many photos of the flowers as I did of the art. I'm to go in June to the Wildflower Center and will concentrate on the flowers a little more.

I love this one -- excuse the odd background but it is the result of jpg optimizing the photo so it will be easier to load. I plan to seed echinacea in my own garden if not too late for summer; otherwise, next year I hope to have these flowers all over the place. :D

I gave it the old college try to find the name of this butterfly, but, alas, couldn't. I saw several of these around the Center.

I'm sure I have the Prairie fleaban and phlox around my place. You can bet that I'll be out looking within the next couple of days.

Horsetail is a very primitive perennial plant, thought to have been food for dinosaurs, and invasive. An entire courtyard was filled with cattle tank-like ponds. I have one or two unused cattle tanks around and may just fix up a water garden or two. I did not want to install a pump and found that there are underwater plants that can be planted on the bottom to keep the water clean and oxygenated. I tried putting some plants in the water tank that the cattle use; they ate the plants. One goldfish survived the winter and he keeps the mosquitoes down.

This vine is a climber and the flowers were high up on a trellis. Looks to be a great flower for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Look close and you'll see two eyes staring at you.
Until next time, God bless.


SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos Lynn. I didn't realize Horsetail was such a primitive plant, thanks for the information. I love the first photo of the coneflower, don't apologize for the background. If I could figure out how you did that I would be using the technique myself.

I think your butterfly might be a Red Admiral but I'm not sure.

DJan said...

Lovely pictures, and I did finally see the turtle! Great shots, thanks again for taking me along...