Saturday, March 27, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets

The Texas bluebonnet is our state flower and is as much associated with Texas as cowboy boots and Stetsons. Seeds are raked into the soil in September and October so the flower will bloom in the Spring. Too much rainfall is a determent to lush fields of bluebonnets; the plant prefers moderate to a somewhat dry winter. The cold temperatures develop the root system.

This is one of my favorite pictures representative of the Texas Hill Country.

The bluebonnet is so vibrant and beautiful that a field full of the flower will literally take your breath away. While the bluebonnet grows in every part of the state the concentration of the flower grows in the Texas Hill Country. A town or county that receives a a bluebonnet trail designation is greatly prized and a great tourist attraction. Fredericksburg is one of those towns to have the trail designation. I've mentioned Fredericksburg, which is a little under 40 miles from my house, often in this blog. Fredericksburg and Wimberley are two of my most favorite places to go and most of the rest of the state feels the same. People flock to these two little town throughout the year and especially during bluebonnet season.

Until next time, God bless.


DJan said...

I've seen those fields of bluebonnets in Texas, and they do take your breath away. Wonderful picture of Texas Hill Country, Lynn. Nice to see that we are all posting pictures of flowers these days! Must be spring. :-)

Donna said...

Such pretty bluebonnets! I've never seen them in person yet!

June Coe Harris said...

Hi, Lynn. Where do you live in Hill Country? My sister lives in Uvalde and she tells me that the Bluebonnets are more vibrant this year than she has seen in 20 years. I live in Kansas and our redbuds are so vibrant this year that they almost hurt your eyes. I can't wait until our wildflowers start to bloom, as they are my favorite subject to photo! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!