Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons. . .

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I made my fourth trip within the last three weeks to the dentist yesterday. While getting my teeth cleaned at the periodontist, an abscessed front tooth was discovered. A tooth that already had a root canal. I went to my regular dentist two days later; I had a fat lip. Antibiotics were prescribed along with a name of an endodontist. Four days later I'm sitting in another dental chair. Then yesterday I was there again for some surgery to see what was causing the tooth to act up given there had been a root canal already.

It was a trip. I was given two little blue gray pills and from that point on I could care less what they did to me. I'll find out tomorrow when the stitches are removed just exactly what was done and if the cause is corrected. I do NOT, do NOT want to lose this front tooth. I think I was told that at this time the tooth does not need to come out, but who can remember what was said while under the influence of those two pills? lol I remember coming home, eating a bowl of tomato soup the dentist sent home with me, and for the life of me I cannot remember how or when I got to bed.

This has not been the best December I've ever lived. On December 1, we had to get a new commode. Hubby and I said well this is our Christmas present. However, considering this recent trip to the endodontist, I got another Christmas present -- my front tooth hopefully. Ooops, I forgot that I also am getting a new (?) ankle...well, a healed one anyway. If you will recall, Luc did a number on me last week while I was trying to lure into my Jeep a young, lost dog running down the road.

How do you turn these lemons into lemonade? Well, I got to meet new people at the dentist office; and since I have to use crutches, I'm strengthening muscles in my arms, upper body, and in one leg. Hopefully, I'll lose a few pounds with all the extra activity. THAT would truly be lemonade.

Once I was told by a lady in her seventies that after sixty, it is patch, patch, patch. I'm beginning to believe her.

Until next time, God bless and Merry Christmas.


Mary-Austin said...

Bless your heart Lynn!!! I'm so glad you are making lemonade out of the lemons this month. Praying the remainder of December goes extremely smoothly for you!!

DJan said...

Oh, I like that: after sixty it's just patch, patch, patch. I think there's a lot of truth to that. But Lynn, you have just had a REALLY bad December, I agree. It has one bright spot for me, though: you have commented on my blog more often, I guess because you have been down for the count. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to the way back to full health for you.

wenn said...

best wishes. merry xmas.

Rae said...

Looks like we can commiserate together. If we are going to use those lemons - how about making a hot toddy. We can forget all our Christmas problems!
I hope you are on the mend soon. Merry Christmas.

Brenda said...

Wow, you've sure been through the mill lately. I sure hope 2010 is a super wonderful year for you to make up for it. Merry Christmas!

Donna said...

Save that tooth!!! LOL, love your story about the two pills. I could have used those a time of two over the past 6 months with this silly bionic knee of mine! LOL. Hope you get to feeling better. See, now January has GOT to be better!

SquirrelQueen said...

My goodness Lynn, you have had a bad month. I'm glad to hear you are making lemonade with all of life's lemons. I hope the tooth can be saved and the rest of this month goes smoothly for you.