Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas 2009 - So Far

I've been to three parties this past week: one was a Christmas coffee, one was a surprise birthday party, and yesterday's was a Christmas luncheon. It is so much fun going to different houses to see how people decorate for Christmas. People bring out their very best Christmas decorations which have been collected over the years, dust and clean probably better than the rest of the year, and go into extraordinary detail for the food and presentation,
This guy greeted us at the front door when we went to the Christmas coffee. The hostess hubby is a big hunter.

The rye squares, cream cheese and cucumber tidbits are my favorites.

My friend's daughter gave a surprise birthday party for her. This rose is one of the gifts. There is nothing prettier than a rose.

Waiting for the birthday girl to arrive. BTW, food is everywhere.

Since the birthday party was held at the daughter's apartment club house, the men ultimately wandered over to the pool table while waiting for the birthday girl to arrive. She was told that a craft show was being held. As she walked in, she saw part of her mother who was somewhat hidden behind a wall. She thought, "Goodness, that woman looks so much like my mother."
As she walked closer, she decided it WAS her mother and what was she doing there at the craft show! lol

If so many of you were not doing reflections, I would not have picked up on the Christmas lights reflected in the mirror at the luncheon. Thank you all for calling those photographic details to my attention.

Isn't this tree magnificent?!

Approximately 75 women attended this luncheon. Isn't this a lovely table? Food was everywhere. Another table was devoted to desserts -- I had cheese cake topped with cherries. Yum. I cannot remember the last time I had such a rich dessert; thought I might go into a sugar comma. It was delicious! Cheese cake is one of my favorite desserts, on par with Italian Cream cake.

Loved these angels.

And, also loved these sheep.

One side of an entryway at the birthday girl's house.

This is one of three trees in her house. Wish I had more room to do something so different like this in addition to a traditional tree.

Isn't this the sweetest Christmas town? I could not get all of it in one photo. On the far right is an ice skating rink with skaters doing their thing. :D It is so cute. I am gathering ideas for next year.

Now after all this decorating, where am I in mine? Part of it is up and planned to put a fire in the fireplace then take a new photo for the header. The fire place looks a little ugly without a fire to hide the firebox. Unfortunately, there was a small mishap yesterday which will be detailed in the next blog entry. :D

Until next time, God bless and Merry Christmas!!


Rae said...

Some people have a talent for decorating. I am not one of them. Those trees and decorations are beautiful. The rooms are festive and the food looks yummy. What a nice way to celebrate for Christmas.

DJan said...

What wonderful pictures! Did they know it's SNOWING in these pictures? Inside? Somebody close that window!

astrogalaxy said...

The Christmas Town is lovely!

SquirrelQueen said...

What a wonderful place for a party. The decorations are beautiful, I love the wrought iron tree. I wish I had the space for one like that. All of the food looks yummy.

Great shot of the reflection. The memes really do make us look at things a little closer.


Daisy Soap Girl said...

Everything is so beautiful. It gives me the inspiration to start decoration.