Monday, July 19, 2010

Texas July Gardening

Got up early this morning to do some weeding in my big garden.  What can I say about can pull every one that is seen and with some dew or one-tenth inch of rain they overtake what was previously weeded!  It's ridiculous!  I've actually been attacking the weeds for the past few days. Last week I covered the unplanted rows in recycled black plastic, weed-control fabric to let the sun kill the weeds before doing some late summer/fall plantings. 

After doing a quick training session with Luc to get him ready for therapy dog training beginning July 27, I put on my weeding clothes -- shorts, t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, leather gloves, a wet bandanna around my neck, head band, and straw hat -- at 8 AM, (7 AM sun time).  Let the dogs out of the yard to go with me to the big garden.  They did fine for about 5 minutes until the cows started coming our way.  Luc and Maggie immediately charged the cows just to remind them that they, the dogs, rule.  I called the dogs back, put them behind the yard fence, and proceeded to the garden, again!

The bees were in full force gathering pollen in and around the corn.  When I left the garden around 10 AM, I noticed the bees were no longer there.  Not being knowledgeable in bees, I'm guessing when the temperature gets so high, the bees return to their hive until it is cooler.  So, if someone knows anything about bees and I made a wrong guess, feel free to set me straight.  :D

I planted zinnias, marigolds and other flowers in and around the veggies.


At present, this is the biggest watermelon in the garden.  It more than double its size in the last seven days.  Can hardly wait until it is ripe for harvest.  I'm interested in seeing just how big it will get; and then, its taste, of course.

A baby watermelon.   At bottom of the photo is a drip tape line; I installed a drip irrigation system with a timer that makes gardening wonderful.  The timer is programed to water 10 minutes, 3 times a day, on M-T-Th-Sa.

More zinnias in and around the corn and watermelon.  I'll probably make another run at the weeds tonight around 8 PM (7 PM sun time.)  I've three more rows to weed. 

As an aside, Luc did really well on the loose leash training this morning.  In thinking back on our training Saturday at Home Depot and Tractor Supply, I realized I was not conveying what I wanted him to do when he is on leash. I figured out what to do, hopefully, and after a few more days training with a loose leash, we'll go back to the stores, the vet, and to the kennel for more training.  I have 8 days to train him to not go nuts upon seeing people and dogs so he can pass the Canine Good Citizen test and then enter into the Therapy Dog training program.  Up to this point, he is 85 pounds of white lightning when he encounters people and dogs.  And, I might add it is somewhat embarrassing to be the person trying to hold on to the leash and him as he drags me towards the object of his affection. 

Until next time, God bless. 


DJan said...

That is a truly exceptional bee picture! And I am hoping that Luc and you will have it all worked out in plenty of time. He's such a fine looking and handsome fellow!

Janice said...

Gardening in Texas is definately a hot adventure.
I have a sign in my garden that says "God bless you, God bless me, Make my garden weed free". Wouldn't it be soooo nice to have a weed free garden!

SquirrelQueen said...

I know what you mean about the weeds, for every one I pull two more grow back in its place. Great shot of the bee. I don't know for sure about the bees and heat but they do seem to disappear when the temps start rising.

Luc is a smart dog, he will learn and make you proud.

I'm glad to hear you are going to join us for the Farmers' Market Challenge. I love seeing the markets in your area.